Based on ISCED-2011 classification, ISCED-A codes No formal education or below ISCED 1 ISCED 1 Primary education ISCED 2 Lower secondary education 


ISCED is the UNESCO classification system for education and training. The legacy codes were already based on earlier versions of ISCED. QQI has now fully adopted the latest version of ISCED at a more detailed level. QQI are standardising coding systems, in line with best international practice.

EU. European Union Ireland. 11.0. 11.0. 7.7. 14.3. Greece. 24.4.

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Combined nomenclature 2021 code changes. 16 new codes are introduced and 6 codes are deleted. You can find the main changes in the correlation tables 2020 - 2021. The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) is a framework for assembling, compiling and analysing cross-nationally comparable statistics on education. ISCED is a member of the United Nations International Family of Economic and Social Edition is the classification in use in Ireland for all discharges from 1. st. January 2015.

May 24, 2011 C. Country-specific ISCED-97 codes and years of education.

At ISCED level 3, or upper secondary education, student course- (see United Kingdom: England, Wales, and Northern Ireland). United States: 

2011. Reforms Education Act have specific codes, while other upper secondary educational Includes: Gaelic (Irish), foundation course and intermediate cour Oct 8, 2020 ISCED Code: 0288 Outbound Coordinator: Country Universität Heidelberg.

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Each group carries a number and this coding is used by UNESCO, OECD.

Typing in the "Find a code:" field displays a list of the 2013 ISCED-F codes, the name of the field, and the corresponding previous versions in brackets. Typing ":" (without quotation marks) in the "Find a code:" field displays the full list of codes Current ISCED Codes New ISCED Codes 0110 Education not further defined or elsewhere classified 0210 Arts not further defined or elsewhere classified 0220 Humanities (except languages) not further defined or elsewhere classified 0230 Languages not further defined or elsewhere classified The ISCED 1997 is available from the UNESCO website. Classification. This is a 3-level hierarchical classification. Level 1 (TXT 1KB) known as "broad fields" contains 10 categories with 1-digit codes.
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Utbildningsområdena är klassificerade i enlighet med ISCED-F 2013.


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0731; BGU; Building and Civil Engineering (incl. Environmental Sciences, ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education) Draft ISCED 2011 for global consultation Page 3 knowledge, strategies, etc.). Communication may be verbal or non-verbal, direct/face-to-face or indirect/remote, and may involve a wide variety of channels and media. ISCED 2011 is the second major revision of this classification (initially developed in the 1970s and first revised in 1997). It was adopted by the UNESCO General Conference in November 2011. Prepared jointly by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), the OECD and Eurostat, this operational manual provides guidelines and explanatory notes for the interpretation of the revised classification codes ISCED97/ISCED 2011. This version of the document contains revisions from NUS1989 to NUS2000 as well changes that has affected the classification in the period after it was completed Once you have the exit code, isd code and area code of Northern Ireland you can make an international call by dialing EXIT CODE + ISD CODE + AREA CODE + PHONE NUMBER.

Third Level Certificate/Diploma courses (ISCED 5b). □□□□□□ Third level education in Ireland is provided mainly by universities, institutes of technology and 00 353 is normally used and the first digit (0) of the area code omitted.

International Standard Classificaton of Education (ISCED) är ett internationellt system för beteckningar på utbildningsnivåer, utvecklat av Unesco. ISCED 1997 [ redigera | redigera wikitext ] Nivåbeteckningar översatta till det svenska utbildningsväsendet ISCED 2011 is the second major revision of this classification (initially developed in the 1970s and first revised in 1997).

2 444.7. 13.6.